About Last Tourist
To walk in a city without a set destination is relatively new. It was only in the twenties of the last century that the writer and philosopher Walter Benjamin invented the flaneur, a modern day man who went drifting trough the cities that emerged.
Now almost a hundred years later another great urban change takes place, but this time in Asia. In the course of a couple decades cities like Bangkok, Singapore, and Guangzhou are growing with a scale and velocity previously inexperienced in the world.
Artist Jan Rothuizen will traverse these coming months the Chinese cities of the Pearl River Delta. An urban conglomeration only slightly larger than the Dutch randstad which -if its growth rate continues- becomes a mega polis of 36 million in only 15 years.
'The last Tourist' is an online passage along hand drawn maps, texts and photographs. This website provides a personal reading of the cities that write themselves.
You are invited. LA bloteman