The wish never to arrive.
Dog day afternoon forever
On TV I watched Al Pacino in the movie Heat. Pacino plays a handsome cop, but I had a hard time believing him. I find Al Pacino not very convincing as a actor anymore. The first movie I watched with him was Dog Day Afternoon. In this movie he was very good.
When I was a kid my family would go on holiday in France. I remember that I���d change as we crossed the border. Suddenly all words lost their meaning and became drawings with mysterious meanings. There would be hills, strange coloured walls and trees I���d never seen before. Even the sky above me would be made of a different substance.
Being in a foreign country made me forget who I was. I became, like the environment around me a stranger to myself.
Al Pacino never becomes someone else these days. He���s always Al Pacino pretending to be someone else. I can see him thinking as he acts. He has lost the ability to forget himself.
I���d like to forget myself as well. Even the strange and wonderful world that is China becomes normal after a while. I get impatient when I have to explain the simplest things, and I���m getting tired of people staring at me. Like Al Pacino dreams of his Dog day afternoon to last forever. The last tourist whishes never to arrive.