Fake is very real in China
Fake is very real in China. There���s no brand that hasn���t been imitated here. Around 95% of all the software in China is illegal. You can buy DVDs of American films on the streets before they premier in the US. They also imitate car brands, and medicines, with all the disastrous consequences that inevitably follow.
This relationship with the original yields up some interesting things. The Nike labeled trainers sold here aren���t mere copies of existing models; they have their own made in China copy style. The covers of the DVDs have clearly been stuck together by people with a sense of humour. The English subtitles have been put there by someone who doesn���t speak English with a spelling checker on the computer; the result is a second,bizarre storyline.
Many buildings here are also copies of something. I can���t say that new buildings in China are beautiful, but in an almost miraculous way they���re not so bad either. The originality that comes from this loose relationship with the original is liberating, everything becomes light and funny, rather than serious and heavy.
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