A loose relationship with the original
At 36, I finally have my driving licence! OK, I admit that the plastic in which it���s sealed is already getting loose, and my own name is written on it in Chinese characters that I can���t read. I doubt whether it would be much use if I tried to use it. But still, I have a driving licence at last.
The document also has my address on it--in a suburb somewhere--and a personal number that means that I am now officially Chinese.
It all happened very quickly. We phoned a number that had been painted on a wall in black paint and made an arrangement to meet someone at the Kentucky Fried Chicken around the corner.
Just as we were getting there my phone started ringing and a young man was standing next to me who looked more like a student than a forger of official documents. He wasn���t afraid, and didn���t look nervously behind him. He was businesslike.
I asked him for a passport. That wouldn���t be a problem, but it would cost me ���900, a bit more than I had with me. And if I wanted a really good one it would cost me ���1200. ID cards, permits and driving licences were a lot cheaper.
My drivers licence cost only ���20. I gave him rmb 50 rmb (���5) as an advance and a passport photo I had made five minutes earlier. I���d pay the rest on delivery in two days.
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