Between the future and the past
Now means very little in China today.
I have trouble finding accurate maps of China. There are lots of maps available, but they are either too old or too new.
Some of the maps I���ve found have been totally out-of-date. The so-called city centres in these maps are now old parts of town. The new city centres with their glittering skyscrapers and new railway stations are 15 centimetres off the paper���s edge. The roads they show are still there but they���ve become three-level highways, and airports have relocated one hour south.
My map of Guangzhou, for example, shows three bridges crossing the Pearl River, and not the seven there are now.
The modern maps I got are too new and show urbanised areas and new ring roads which do not exist yet.
It���s no wonder a current map is impossible to find. Everywhere I look, new buildings, highways and bridges are being built.
Now means very little today, China rather looks ahead, eager to forget the past. brrokenhousewoman