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Very good country mister

Yes is the answer to your question.

"Holland people are excellent Sir. Very good country," says the Egyptian waiter with a scarf around his neck and black beret on his head.

I am escaping the city in an Italian restaurant called 'Grazie'on the third floor of the
Hilton Ramses Hotel shopping mall and wonder why he says the Dutch are
excellent people. Is he just being friendly or is he truly an admirer of my
little country, which most people only know because of its football players?

A few minutes later my waiter returns with a little flag and puts it
in a stand on my table. Its the Dutch flag! When I look at the other
tables I notice now everybody has a little flag on their table. I see
Portugal, France, Italy and on the table next to mine the green Saudi Arabian flag with the long sword.
I wonder why we as tourist have to be original and the waiters are allowed to pretend to be Italian.

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